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The winchester small pistol primers in stock and available at kentucky glock store . I have used CCI primers on my 223/ 556 reloads since I started loading, and have had very few issues with them. With the current state of affairs, there have been no primers available at my local stores, and I was out of small rifle primers. Bimart got some Winchester primers come in, and I always figured, a primer is a primer, so I bought five boxes.

I loaded a hundred rounds, and went plinking, and had 12 out of the 100 rounds fail to ignite. Went home and took apart the rounds, everything looked good, dry, sufficient powder. So I loaded 100 more and went out this morning again. This time, 26 of the 100 rounds failed to ignite. They all have nice solid dimples from the firing pin, and are seated properly. Any one else have problems with Winchester small pistol primers in stock like this? Bad batch, maybe?

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Winchester Small Pistol Primers In Stock

Where to Find Winchester Small Pistol Primers In Stock

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a HUGE challenge to find primers lately, so I thought I’d send some links to online sources that have primers in-stock. Hopefully this is a sign of things becoming less scarce! kentucky glock store is now processing orders within 3 days of placement! This is down from a month I […]

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